About Me

I am a busy stay-at-home mom to two beautiful little girls. My creative adventures began long ago as a child when I enjoyed embroidery and making unique crafts for family and friends. During my teen years, my creativity emerged through painting and drawing. Once I entered college, things slowed down as I focused on completing my degree in a competitive Physical Therapy program. After college, my attention focused on providing care and rehabilitation to my patient’s….that is until the birth of our first daughter. Then my need for creativity really took hold! Who could imagine how much creativity a mother needs just to make it through each day! Becoming a mother has spurred my need to create again. My newest outlet is through sewing, and I absolutely love it! It is amazing what can be created out of fabric. 

I stumbled onto making felt crowns as my youngest daughter’s first birthday approached. I wanted her to have a party hat, but I knew she would “eat” the traditional paper variety. That’s when I created my first felt crown. It turned out so lovely that I made one for my oldest daughter, and then family friends. Now I bring my creations to you so that a little one in your life can find joy in them too! 

My work has evolved over the the past year and many of my designs have become more detailed and intricate. I love the challenge of pushing myself to try new designs and products. And I am continuously working to improve the quality of my products too. I have pretty stringent quality control standards! If if doesn't meet those standards it doesn't get listed for sale in my shop. 

I stand behind my work and do my best to provide your child with a quality crown that is both fun and unique. I've also expanded my products to include capes, wands and costume sets. I stay true to my commitment to never use glue on my products and to choose environmentally friendly materials whenever possible. That's why all of my crowns are made from Eco-fi felt which is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles.