Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Purple House

I recently returned from a trip to visit my family. My girls love visiting their grandparents, but they aren't too crazy about the long car ride. I enjoyed this trip because the girls were in a good mood most of the way. That doesn't mean that I didn't hear "Are we there yet?" a million times!

I'm beginning to find that one of my favorite highlights on this trip back home is our passing of the purple house. This brightly painted house is a thrill to my daughter who loves the color purple! It also stands as a reminder to her that we are almost to our destination. I love this house for other reasons. I wonder every time I pass the house who must live inside. It is a modest house close to the road, but it stands tall with pride. I can imagine it is saying "Look at me!" I wonder if the person who chose to paint this house such a vibrant hue of purple is also bold, daring, and willing to say "Look at me! I'm proud of who I am!"

This house reminds me that we should all be proud of who we are. We should take pride in our talents and celebrate our uniqueness. We shouldn't be afraid to show our true colors even if it is bright purple in a sea of browns, tans, and white. So, I look forward to seeing the purple house again. It reminds me to step outside of my box and live a little!

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  1. The Good Lord brought me here today, to read this note. I am a purple house standing in the mists of Yellow Green and Blue, much more popular colors. Today I am PROUD to be PURPLE. I will take my craft where I want and not where others may dictate. I don't care if I only sell two items a year. I am Purple!!. Love this! Thank You God for delivering me on this door step. Carylanne