Saturday, January 30, 2010

Monkey Business?


Somehow I've fallen in love with monkeys! I can't say that I was ever a huge monkey fan before I created this crown, but something happened the moment I put the finishing touches on this little guy. Pure monkey magic. And now I have a bit of an obsession with all thing monkey. Which means that there are more monkeys to come. Don't worry, if you aren't a monkey fan this obsession will pass and I'll be on to another one. Maybe next it will be puppies, or elephants, or who knows? That's the beauty of this "job", I go where it takes me!

In case you are curious, this monkey is entirely hand cut. I start out with a drawing, and then I create a pattern for each felt piece that must be cut. Some pieces don't require a pattern at all, but if I want to be able to reproduce a design I'd better have a pattern for the complicated components! Then I set out (painstakingly sometimes) cutting out all of the pieces. It's a labor of love from beginning to end, but I love what I do! Who knew life would take me on this path. Right now I am enjoying the ride! Now, back to more monkeys!

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