Sunday, June 6, 2010

When it Rains it Pours!


Well, I had a miserable morning, but the sun is coming out and things are looking up. We had a major rain storm last night that knocked out our power...which means our sump pump couldn't get rid of the water from our basement. Needless to say our basement flooded. Everything on the floor was soaked including all of the things that I had intended to use to entertain my kids on a 14 hour car ride at the end of the week. Weeks of planning and organizing went into the trash this morning. I always like to surprise my kids with new activity books, coloring books, toys and games on these long car rides. It was nauseating to throw away brand new fact it led to a complete emotional unraveling for me. I can only imagine how people feel who have lost everything...all of there most special possessions and memories. Or worse yet a loved one during a disaster.

Really everything can be replaced. I won't be able to surprise my girls like I had hoped, but it could have been so much worse. I have learned some valuable lessons and I won't repeat those mistakes again. The wonderful Evi with Aedan Seppe sounded the alarm bells today and several of you have been so kind in offering to help in any way that you can. I am truly humbled by this out-pouring and grateful that so many of you care so much. It comes as no surprise though because I have seen so many acts of kindness from my fellow link love crafter and artists. You are an amazing group and I am truly grateful. I lost a lot of stuff today, but I gained so much more...thank you are the rainbow after the storm.


  1. You are so welcome Stephanie! I just hate to see anybody upset when I can at least reach out and try to make a difference. I hope you found lot's of free entertainment on those road trip sites I passed you.
    *big hug* ^_^

  2. You certainly did make a difference, Evi! I am so grateful for you and all of the other ladies who have offered their help! I am so blessed to know you all! :) Thanks so much for your help!!!!