Friday, July 9, 2010

Frolicking with Fairies


For the past two weeks I have been frolicking with fairies....and cupcakes and flowers. These fun crowns were created for two special little girls.

Every custom order presents me with new and exciting challenges. These crowns were no exception! Sometimes the fairies refused to cooperate and were a bit fussy about how they wanted to be created. I can't tell you how many times I had to re-cut their arms and heads to get them just right. Picky fairies! :)

But in the end, the greatest challenge with this crown was in its final construction. Each piece had to be attached to the crown in just the right order so that the crown came together with a clean and professional look. I don't know if I've ever held my breath so much while making a crown! But in the end it all came together beautifully. Careful planning definitely payed off!

No fairy is complete without a magic wand. I decided that these fairies needed sparkly wands! They are all set to grant lots of wishes!

In order for the girls to be able to tell their crowns apart, I added their first initials to the inside of the crowns.

Two adorable crowns ready for fun and mischievous play! It's going to be hard to see these cuties go, but I know they are headed to a good home! Enjoy little ones....enjoy!


  1. Those are absolutely incredible! SUPER job! :)

  2. Thank you so much, Lynnell! They took so much of my time that I'm a bit sad to see them go. *sniff*

  3. Awesome job, Stephanie!!! They're so pretty! These two little girls are going to be super happy!!!

  4. I LOVE THESE!!!
    PS: I think your blog and you are so inspiring and I have given you an award!!

    Come check it out on my blog!


  5. AND, my little granddaughters are the HAPPY recipents of thos FANTASTIC Fairy, Cupcake and Flower crowns! One received, we could hardly get them to take them off for sleeping!
    The crowns are EXCEPTIONALLY sewn and Stephanie designed them to be adjustable!
    Thank you for creating MAGIC!