Friday, April 9, 2010

Little Ballerinas on the Brain!

My daughter's first ballet recital is coming up next month. It's such an exciting time of the year because it brings back so many memories for me. I took 11 years of dance lessons and I loved every minute of it!

Yesterday, my daughter had her first opportunity to get all dressed up in her recital costume. I did my best, as a first time ballet mom, to get her all gussied up with the proper stage make-up and a ballerina bun. I have to admit she was pretty darn cute and I was one proud mama! I can't wait until the actual performance!

So in the meantime, excuse me if I have ballerinas on the brain! If you have the same affliction you will want to check out all of the adorable ballet themed items I have found on Etsy lately. I'm beginning to think I'm not the only one thinking ballet!

Here is a beautiful watercolor print by Paint Ashley .

I love the sweet ballerina in this vibrant print by Jolinne.

And every dancer must have her shoes! Check out these felt ballet slippers by Evgie

If you have shoes you'll need a bag to carry them in. Check out this adorable ballet bag by Splendiferous Fiber!

I love this Ballerina Slipper Clippie by Gia Bowtique! Who knew you could take tiny ribbons and make them into ballet slippers? So cute!

Here's another pretty pink
hair bow by Peek-A-Bowtique!

And what a great way to store all of those cute ballerina hair accessories! I thought this was such a unique and pretty bow holder by Add a Lil Charm!

Really could it get any cuter than this knitted ballet dancer buddy doll by Granny Knits? Oh, how I wish I was a little girl again!

Oh, wait! I almost forgot! You can't have a ballerina if you don't have a tutu! Goody Goody Tutus makes some of the most gorgeous and adorable tutus I've ever seen!

Sorry if you too have now developed a case of "ballerinas on the brain!" It's not easy to get rid of you know! So, if you find any other fun ballerina stuff be sure to comment here. I just can't get enough!


  1. Thanks for including my tote! My "little ballerina" is now 22, dancing professionally with a regional company, and minoring in dance. She has a big show coming up next month: not only is she performing, but she did the choreography and costumes for one piece. If you love dance and work hard, dreams can come true!

  2. You are so welcome! What a great story about your daughter! You must be so proud! Thanks for sharing! :)

  3. I have 3 sisters and when we were really young, my mom had all 4 of us in ballet lessons. the recitals and costumes are some of my earliest memories! so fun! Thanks for including my watercolor painting! What an adorable selection of pink and tutus. :)

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  5. Oh How wonderful! I used to dance too for 8 years all kind of dances folk and ballet. Did figure skating too for 5 .. gosh it bring great memories to me too. And I do want my lil girl to at least try it out..

  6. Hello! Just wanted to let you know I nominated you for a Sunshine Award. Stop by my blog to get your icon to post on your blog!

  7. What great picks! I nominated you for an award too (you have a great blog) :)

  8. Oh, my goodness! Thank you Lory and Anna! You are both so kind! I need to get working on passing the sunshine award along!

  9. As another first time ballet mom, I totally understand. My little princess just had her picture day for ballet this past Saturday. We did a test run of her recital hair and got her in full costume. Very exciting!

    Some great Etsy picks here.